2020-21 Uniform Ordering

New NIKE Kit

2020-21 Uniform Ordering

See below for useful information on the 2020-21 uniform ordering process.  In the next few days, all RSC families with full-year players should receive an email from Ewing Sports with a link to the site (RSC virtual store) to place your order for your player's uniform, as well as other optional merchandise for your player and yourself.

There a couple of tools to assist you with this process:

1.  Please utilize the Randolph Player Experience guide to understand the process.

2.  There is also an RSC FAQ document available to help answer questions. 

3.  As a result of the pandemic, the normal in-person try-on session is not possible.  Please utilize the Virtual Sizing Guide to determine the best size for your player.  

A few things to note for this process:

  • The 2020-2021 season is the first year of a new 2 year uniform cycle.  The uniform your player wears this season will be worn again next season if your player continues to play.  Please keep that in mind when choosing the size to order.  
  • RSC has contracted with NIKE for our uniforms for this cycle.  In the past, our uniforms were Adidas.  The fit of the brands may be different.
  • The only item that is mandatory is the uniform kit, which includes 2 jerseys (gray and blue), 2 shorts (both gray) and 2 socks (both blue).  All other merchandise is optional but available for purchase at the time you order the required kit, as well as throughout the season. 
  • Once you receive the email from Ewing Sports, please order your uniform as soon as possible.  The turnaround time on the uniforms is 4 four weeks.

If you have any questions feel free to reach out to your team manager or to kellygsenn@gmail.com.

Thank you!