RSC's 50-50 Raffle Is Here!

$12,500 Prize Possible

Announcing the roll out of Randolph Soccer Club’s 50/50 Raffle for the 2019-20 season!

This fundraiser is an initial replacement activity for the tournament that we held for years.  The club fee paid by players does not cover the per player cost for the season; it never has.  Hence, fundraising activity is required.  We moved away from the tournament because the return on the investment of time and energy no longer made sense given changes to the travel soccer environment over the past ten years.

We’ve had a gap for two years with no fundraising activity while volunteer club leadership examined options, dealt with obtaining the required permits, and had to focus on implementing other changes coming out of US Soccer’s updated player development guidelines and registration system.  The funds raised will be used to benefit RSC players for items such as equipment used for training and games, along with professional training services.

The structure for this initial raffle is simple.  All full-year RSC players will be required to sell one book of 10 raffle tickets.  The tickets are $10 each; so each player will be responsible for $100 worth of fundraising.  Families with multiple players will be responsible for selling multiple booklets.  Payment can be made with cash or checks made out to Randolph Soccer Club.

There are 2,500 tickets in total for this raffle.  If all tickets are sold, the winner will receive $12,500 or half of the raffle proceeds.

We do not advocate door-to-door selling.  Please utilize your network of family, friends, and colleagues to sell the tickets, unless you opt to purchase them yourself.

Each team will have a raffle coordinator, who will be the point of contact with club leadership to get the ticket books distributed, funds collected, and stubs for the draw returned.  Stay tuned for your team’s raffle coordinator to be in touch.  Monday, October 21st is the deadline set for the coordinators to return payments and stubs to club leadership.

The draw will take place on Sunday, October 27th at 3:00pm at the Freedom Park Snack Stand Terrace.  The winner need not be present.

Thank you in advance for your support.

Randolph Soccer Club Board