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When deciding on your child’s summer program, perhaps the most important considerations are those elements you don’t see.  All day camps have nice facilities, filled with amenities such as ropes courses, pools, fields etc., but what are you really buying?  If you are like most parents, you want your child to get something meaningful out of a summer experience and those are the kinds of intangibles you just can’t see on a camp tour. A Summer at Tamarack will yield a truly unique experience for your child. It is so much more than just learning how to swim or hit a baseball; it means your child will gain true life skills, like…

  • Independence
  • Confidence
  • Teamwork and Sportsmanship
  • Willingness to try new activities
  • Determination and Perseverance
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Integrity
  • Leadership Skills
  • Resilience

Guided by our philosophy, Tamarack is creating a unique atmosphere to intentionally develop these skills in our campers.  The Magic of Camp doesn’t happen because of the aquatics facility; it happens when children are in a caring, supportive environment. It happens when a child’s Role Model believes in them and is right there at their side, sharing the experience. It happens when everything around our campers is designed to help them succeed. Everything we do, from hiring the staff to developing exciting new program areas is done to foster this environment, our camp culture, The Tamarack Way.

The Tamarack Way

The Tamarack Way is a culture of true caring, with the understanding that caring for a child is not always just giving them what they want but truly teaching the life skills necessary to improve their Emotional Intelligence.  You see, just as school helps your child’s academic skills, camp improves their Emotional I.Q. Studies have shown that the E.Q. is perhaps an even greater determinant of success in life than overall intelligence. ( ACA funded study focused on the Developmental Outcomes of the Camp Experience )

At Tamarack, we will create a culture that always considers the needs of your child first. A culture that allows them to thrive in an atmosphere of opportunity while truly learning to work with others, and interact and communicate in a real time (not virtual) way with both campers and staff. The way is about bringing something into a child’s life that can only be accomplished in a summer environment where they truly want to be every day! Camp becomes a uniquely powerful place where children can practice the very complicated art of growing up

Each year that campers return will build on the previous years learned skills and experiences. Similarly, as a camper transitioning to counselor, once you have been a part of the Tamarack culture, you will have the desire to give back the love and caring that your counselors showed for you.  It is our pledge that your child will feel uniquely special during their stay at camp because it is exactly what we train our staff to do every single day.